Oasis Fabrix dedicates effort to develop more efficient paper machine clothing products and filter fabrics for dewatering, drying, pressing, and screening. We help our customers improve their performance and productivity by innovative fabrics and felts for forming, pressing and drying of paper web in paper making. We also specialize in the design and engineering of filter fabrics for belt press filter and vacuum belt filter. Working as a reliable business partner who understands our customers' operations and expectations...


Woven Press Filter Fabrics

Woven Fabrics For Belt Press Filter

Triple layer forming fabric

Triple Layer Forming Fabrics

2.5 Layer Forming Fabrics

2.5 Layer Forming Fabrics

Single layer forming fabrics

Single Layer Forming Fabrics

Woven Dryer Fabrics

Woven Dryer Fabrics

Spiral dryer fabrics

Spiral Dryer Fabrics

Triple layer BOM felt

Triple Layer BOM Felts

Double layer BOM felt

Double Layer BOM Felts

Single layer BOM felt

Single Layer BOM Felts

Vacuum Filter Belts

Vacuum Filter Belts

Spiral Fabrics for Belt Press Filter

Spiral Fabrics For Belt Press Filter