Polyester 1.5 layer forming fabric is developped from single layer forming fabrics but with extra yarns to give the weave structure which is similar to double layer forming fabrics. This forming fabric for paper making provides good paper side smoothness and better pulp fiber retention.

Paper side of 1.5 layer forming fabric
Machine side of 1.5 layer forming fabric
Cross section of 1.5 layer forming fabric


  • Good paper side smoothness
  • Better fiber retention
  • Easy to release the paper sheet
  • Easy cleaning


Warp mesh Weft count Warp diameter Weft diameter Air permeability FSI DI
27.5~28.5 37.5~38.5 0.22 0.22/0.22/0.35/0.35 485 CFM 83 23.4
24.0~25.0 31.0~32.0 0.25 0.30/0.30/0.45/0.45 450~550 CFM 60~80 19~20.5