Oasis Fabrix supplies synthetic woven filter fabrics or cloth for dewatering and drying process in belt press filter. Our fabric belts are made with top quality polyester yarns to withstand severe humidity and high press tension.

Belt Press Filter Fabrics
Belt Press Filter Fabrics
Belt Press Filter Fabrics
Clipper Seam of Belt Press Filter Fabrics

The filter belt operates as a key part in the belt filter press as it determines the actual output and quality of the filtration process. Our fabrics are made with reasonable weave structure and special yarns for different applications to achieve rapid draining and good filter cake release.

The effectiveness of the belt press filter can be increased by adjusting the pressure on the fabric belt which requires a belt of high tensile strength and strong joint. Our fabric belts are woven with good quality mono-filaments and heat-set for high stability and strength, minimum elongation, long running time. The two ends of the belt are connected by metal clipper joint to cope with various pressure differences across the belt.

Such filter fabric cloth are widely used where belt press separation and filtration is necessary, such as: wastewater & sewage treatment, dewatering of sludge from municipal sewage plants, paper making industry, mining, mineral and chemical industries, pressing & squeezing of fruits, sugar plants and others.


Air Permeability is tested at 127Pa. Water Permeability is tested at 1200Pa.

Air permeability

Water permeability Thickness Tensile strength Weight
PET 384~424 CFM 268~280 L/m2.s 2.10 mm 2350 N/cm 1540 g/m2
PET 670~730 CFM 470~490 L/m2.s 2.10 mm 1750 N/cm 1097 g/m2
PET 670~700 CFM 400~420 L/m2.s 2.30 mm 2700 N/cm 1330 g/m2
PET 540~570 CFM 320~340 L/m2.s 2.47 mm 2450 N/cm 1605 g/m2
PET 450~490 CFM 330~350 L/m2.s 2.14 mm 2100 N/cm 1418 g/m2
PET 610~640 CFM 350~370 L/m2.s 1.84 mm 2000 N/CM 1160 g/m2
PET 560~590 CFM 380~400 L/m2.s 2.43 mm 2419 N/cm 1670 g/m2
PET 480~510 CFM 280~300 L/m2.s 1.58 mm 2090 N/CM 1115 g/m2
PET 325~355 CFM 210~230 L/m2.s 2.05 mm 2450 N/cm 1442 g/m2
PET 375~415 CFM 250~270 L/m2.s 1.53 mm 2100 N/cm 1058 g/m2
PET 610~650 CFM 350~370 L/m2.s 1.78 mm 2284 N/cm 1148 g/m2
PET 17~22 CFM 12~14 L/m2.s 1.3 mm 2555 N/cm 1090 g/m2
PA PET 530~570 CFM 390~410 L/m2.s 2.12 mm 1470 N/cm 1117 g/m2
PET 580~610 CFM 400~420 L/m2.s 2.15 mm 2100 N/cm 1194 g/m2
PET 400~430 CFM 290~310 L/m2.s 1.45 mm 1445 N/cm 925 g/m2