Basic weave structure for dryer fabrics is single, 1.5 and double layer fabrics. Round and flat shape polyester monofilament yarns are used for dryer fabrics in paper making. Flat monofilaments provide good contact with the paper sheet and improve aerodynamic properties of the fabric surface and cleanliness. Seaming technology: pin seam, PEEK spiral seam, pin spiral seam.

Flat Yarn Woven Dryer Fabrics for paper making
Hydrolysis Resistant Woven Dryer Fabrics for paper making
Spiral Pin Seam of Woven Dryer Fabrics
Spiral Pin Seam of Woven Dryer Fabrics

Oasis fabrix supply a wide range of woven dryer fabrics to ensure even and efficient drying of the paper web by promoting efficient and mass transfer. The basic design of our dryer fabric is single, 1.5, and double layer weave fabrics.

Our woven dryer fabric materials have excellent hydrolysis resistance in moist conditions and degradation resistance in dry heat to reach optimum economic life. PPS (Phenylen Sulphide) materials is available as a choice to reinforce the edge to operate in severe conditions. And we use different yarn structures and shapes to control air permeability and other properties such as contact area, wear resistance, stability and cleanliness. Round and rectangular shape mono-filament yarns are used for woven dryer fabrics. Rectangular or flat mono-filament yarns are used as machine and cross directional yarns to improve runnability, sheet handling and wear potential on high speed machines. Our woven dryer fabrics typically cover a permeability range of 60-700 CFM.

Seams are the most important part of woven dryer fabric and Oasis fabrix supply woven dryer fabrics with pin seam, PEEK spiral seam, pin spiral seam to meet the requirements set by paper grades, machine speed and dryer section.


Type Warp diameter Weft diameter Warp/weft density Air permeability
Y24504 0.5 mm 0.5 mm 24.8/11.6 700±30 CFM
22604 0.815x0.31 mm 0.4 /0.6 mm 23~24/14.5~15.5 90 CFM
22604 0.815x0.31 mm 0.4 /0.6 mm 23~24/13~14 150 CFM
18504A 0.58x0.38 mm 0.6 mm 18.5~19.5/15.5~16.5 150 CFM
18504B 0.58x0.38 mm 0.6 mm 18.5~19.5/14.5~15.5 250 CFM
18504C 0.58x0.38 mm 0.6 mm 18.5~19.5/13~14 350 CFM
18504D 0.58x0.38 mm 0.6 mm 18.5~19.5/11.5~12.5 450 CFM
18504-2 0.58x0.38 mm 0.7 mm 18.5~19.5/10.5~11.5 600 CFM
22504A 0.5 mm 0.5 mm 23~24/13.5~14.5 450 CFM
22504B 0.5 mm 0.5 mm 23~24/11.5~12.5 540 CFM
22504 0.5 mm 0.5 mm 23~24/10~11 760 CFM
Y4106 0.5 mm 0.5 mm 24.8/11.8 500±30 CFM
D16804 0.37/0.62 mm 0.5/0.8 mm 17.8/12-15 190-380 CFM
S22704 0.32/0.80 mm 0.4/0.65-0.7 mm 22.5/10-15 114-253 CFM