2017 04 03 162027Paper industry is one of the world's six major industrial pollution sources, accounting for 10% of China's total industrial waste water. Papermaking wastewater is mainly high concentration of organic wastewater, and containing lignin, residual alkali, sulfide, chloride and other pollutants. It is characterized by large amount of waste water, high COD concentration, waste water in the fiber suspended solids, and containing divalent sulfur elements, high color, mercaptans odor.

In the pulping (chemical method) and papermaking production process mainly produces three types of wastewater: black (red) liquid, the middle of the waste water and paper white water. Black (red) liquid is mainly cooking pulp wastewater, the middle of the water, including pulp washing, screening, bleaching wastewater, paper machine white water for the papermaking workshop waste water. Which is the most serious environmental pollution of cooking wastewater, accounting for 90% of the entire paper industry pollution.

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price soaring in china paper marketThe China paper industry and market has experienced a sudden price soar since October 2016. From paper mills in the upstream to the carton plants, and then to the end customers, without exception, all parties were involved in this cost-shifting game.

RMB devaluation, environmental protection pressure, rise of coal transportation costs and other factors continue to push up the price, and in many places "a piece of paper is difficult to find". But the crazy paper price will continue.

This is a reshuffle in the paper making industry in China and that is the trend. The oligarchs in paper industry will benefit.

“More difficult to buy papers”

The paper mills tried everything to sell papers before, but now the buyers are rushing to purchase papers. In just a few months, the paper industry has a dramatic reversal.

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forming fabric cleaning web
Modern paper machine clothing is manufactured with a specific set of design and quality specifications for each paper machine’s performance requirements. Such specifications, i.e. surface characteristics, open area, void volume, permeability, smoothness, etc. are engineered to achieve specific goals in the papermaking process. The need to implement an effective PMC cleaning program has become increasingly crucial in recent years. This change is primarily due to increasing levels of recycled furnish, faster machine speeds and accompanying technology, elevated sheet quality requirements, and the desire for longer fabric life. Forming fabrics must be kept free of contaminants in order to maintain surface characteristics, adequate open area, and to prevent sheet marking.
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yankee cylinder machine web small
A Yankee cylinder machine is a paper machine with a single large drying cylinder which crepes the paper or produces a glazed surface on one side.

A tissue Yankee cylinder is a large diameter drum which is pressurized with steam to provide a hot cylinder surface used for soft tissue products, such as facial tissues, toilet tissues, and kitchen roll towels by a process called creping, which is achieved by using a doctor or creping blade to aid release of dried tissue from adhering to the Yankee cylinder.

A MG (stands for Machine Glaze) cylinder is also a Yankee cylinder, but used on other grades of paper. The paper sheet, in contact with the large hot highly polished dryer surface, for a long dwell time, will start to slip and plasticize the surface fibres, improving gloss & glazed properties on one side of the paper, e.g. manila envelopes.
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origami birds

As the largest ASEAN Event for the global pulp, paper, packaging, corrugated and print industries, Asian Paper has proven to be the most trusted platform for industrial leaders and professionals to network, exchange ideas, and create business deals.

Asian Paper 2014 welcomed 3,968 attendees from 67 countries and regions at the QSNCC, and launched its first Hosted Buyer programmed along with a VIP programme and Business Matching Programme which greatly benefited the event's networking opportunities.

Slated for 1-3 June 2016 at BITEC, Bangkok, the 14th edition of Asian Paper will gather the key industry players to meet face to face and discuss the latest innovation, industrial trends and offerings of the latest cutting- edge products and services through the exhibition and conference. The Asian Paper exhibition focuses on the vertical segment of the Paper industry, covering the entire value chain, from pulp, chemical, adhesive, machineries, parts, converters to paper, print, packaging and corrugated products and services across the three-day event.
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forming fabric filter
Paper forming consists essentially of removing water from a dilute suspension of fiber and other materials by filtration, leaving the solids in form of a coherent sheet on forming fabric. Clearly, the rate and separation effectiveness of this water removal from paper fiber webs through forming fabric is significant to the economy of the process of papermaking.

Water removal from fiber webs on the paper machine is a hydro-mechanical process and which is accomplished by a sequence of mechanisms, like the forming fabric, felt or screen for drainage and so forth. At the same time, during the papermaking the properties of the stock slurry and added chemicals also play a significant role in the water removal from paper fiber webs through forming fabric.
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Technical Tips On Dryer Fabric web

The dryer fabrics or dryer screen or felt plays an important role in the dryer section.
The drying section is one of the most energy consuming parts of the paper machine. About 60% of energies are consumed in this section. Hence the function of dryer fabrics or screen absolutely vast. The dryer fabrics or felt have to some particular parameters such as air permeability, Aerodynamic Properties, Heat Transfer, Fabric Tension, Sheet Support, caliper etc.

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Knowledge on Forming Fabrics
Forming fabric is very important for a paper machine in a paper mill. In general, formation of paper depends on forming fabric and refining of paper pulp. Paper machine forming fabric is made from polyester or polyamide monofilaments. To shape an uninterrupted belt, it is made by endless of a seam.

During the weaving of forming fabric, monofilaments are composed of paper machine direction and paper machine cross direction. The monofilaments of paper machine direction or lengthwise are called warp. One the other hand the monofilaments of paper machine cross direction are called weft or Shute or filling.

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what you should know about dryer fabric web
The dryer fabrics or dryer screen or felt has a significant function in the dryer part. Synthetic dryer fabric is also recognized as conveyor belts.

When paper web exceed press section of a paper machine, it contains more than half of its weight is water. Most of this water of the paper web should be removed in the dryer section of the paper machine to ensure 4%-6% of final water content. The drying section is one of the most energy consuming parts (about 60%) of the paper machine. Consequently the role of dryer fabrics is absolutely enormous.

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