Vacuum Filter Belt Cloth

Vacuum filter belts are specifically designed for the separation of solids from fluids in horizontal belt filter systems. We provide synthetic filter fabric solutions for horizontal vacuum belt filters in paper making, chemical, mineral, environmental protection, flue-gas desulfurization, fertilizer production applications.

Vacuum Filter Belts oasisFabrix 18

Our filter fabric belts are made from high quality materials such as PET,PP.The selection of good polymers helps to make our belts achieve better performance in chemical (acid and alkaline) resistance, temperature resistance.

Horizontal vacuum belt filters can process high volumes of substance and the filter belts are designed to cope with heavily loaded and extra large vacuum filter units, with the intention to obtain an output of high purity level cakes.

Various types of material and unique weaving structure is adopted in the manufacture of our filter belts to enhance the construction stability and mechanical stress. Special finishing techniques are used to alter the properties of the belt and optimize its filtration characteristics in operation. We offer soild and reliable seams, edge reinforcement for the whole belt range and installation guide.Our filter fabrics are made with high interception precision which can meet some special requirements of customization.


Technical Specifications of Vacuum Filter Belts

Yarn diameter mm

Air permeability




Tensile strength warp







Interception accuracy


warp weft
0.27x0.5/PET 600D*6+0.5/PET 32~40 1.32 1330 25.7 1060 20~25
0.27x0.5/PET 600D*6+0.5/PET 20~25 1.34 1330 28.9 1115 15~20
0.5/PET 600D*6+0.5/PET 27~32 2 2200 32 1602
0.5/PET 0.2*6+0.5/PET 100~120 2.05 2200 32 1585
0.32x0.52/PET 0.2*2*3+0.4*2/PET 35~45 1.24 1550 21 1094 45~55
0.32x0.52/PET 0.2*2*3+0.4*2/PET 50~70 1.24 1550 21 1094
0.32x0.52/PET 0.2*2*3+0.4*2/PET 90~110 1.24 1550 21 1094