Spiral Press Filter Belts

Such types of spiral dryer fabrics for belt press filter are stuffed with filler mono-filaments in the spiral loops to reduce the permeability. These spiral fabrics are widely used for sludge or sewage dewatering in many industries such as paper mills, effluent treatment plants, mining and mineral industry.

Spiral Fabrics For Belt Press Filter Oasis Fabrix

Polyester spiral press filter belt is also a monofilament polyester fabric but not like a woven fabric, instead this is a polyester fabric with spiral twisted wires where pins hold the spirals together like a chain.

Most of the polyester spiral press filter belt is being used within the dewatering industry to separate sludge from water within filter belt presses. Polyester spiral fabric belts are also being used within the food industry to dry fatty milk and whey powders on, or to separate solids from liquids. Other applications and industries are chemicals, pharmaceutical, coals washing and paper pulp washing. The polyester spiral fabric can be equipped with or without filling yarns which enables to adjust and customize the air and liquid permeability.


Spiral Fabrics For Belt Press Filter

Type Warp yarn Φ Weft yarn Φ Filler Strength N/cm
Air Permeability
Large loop 4080D 0.90 mm 1.10 mm 0.90*4 ≥2300 640±30 cfm
Large loop 4080E 0.90 mm 1.10 mm 0.90*5 ≥2300 395±30 cfm
Medium loop 3868C 0.70 mm 0.90 mm 0.80*3 ≥2000 645±30 cfm
Medium loop 3868D 0.70 mm 0.90 mm 0.80*4 ≥2000 535±30 cfm
Small loop 3252C 0.52 mm 0.70 mm 0.68*3 ≥1800 180±30 cfm
Medium loop flat yarn 3868J 0.70 mm 0.70 mm 0.24*0.85 ≥2000 640±30 cfm